at UW at Lake Elsinore at Oxford at Bletchley Park in Kuala Lumpur

I am a postdoctoral research affiliate at the Dartmouth Mathematics Department in the group of Peter Mucha. My research combines ideas and methods from applied mathematics, network science, and machine learning to study complex systems in biology, neuroscience, psychology, and the social sciences. Learn a little more about my research trajectory in the announcement of the 2023 SIAM Project NExT fellows SIAM News 12/2022.

Together with Francisca Ortiz and Echo Liu, I convene the seminar series on "Women in Network Science". Please get in touch if you are interested in presenting in the seminar or if you would like to nominate speakers. You can sign up for the seminar's mailing list here and you can view the list of scheduled and previous talks here.

Research topics

Mathematical modelling, dynamical systems, complex systems, networks in biology and ecology, natural and artificial neural networks, network inference, collective behavior, collective action, system robustness, system redundancy

To learn more about my research, you can watch my presentations at


I hold a DPhil (PhD) in Mathematics from the University of Oxford, a MSc in theoretical physics and a BSc in physics from Technische Universitaet Berlin. During my DPhil studies, I was a visiting graduate researcher at the UCLA Department of Mathematics for two years. Among other programmes, I participated in the Park City Mathematics Program 2017 and the Complex Systems Summer School 2018 at the Santa Fe Institute.

For more information, please see my CV [pdf].

I am committed to supporting students from underrepresented groups in academia. Students and prospective students who are interested in applying to one of the departments or schools with which I currently am (or have previously have been) affiliated are welcome to contact me via email for advice.


Please see google scholar.

More about me on the web

I am on google scholar, github, gitlab, and twitter.

There are also three podcast interviews with me available online:


email: alice dot c dot schwarze at dartmouth dot edu


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